Mission Statement

By transitioning from legacy to a digital first approach we can efficiently increase the business logic and outcomes for the lines of business that rely on process methodology, technology and people. Core NX-OS is leveraging the business centric services stack (BCSS) to take advantage of a loosely coupled software architecture supporting best-of-breed approach. As well, serving as a high-level reference to show how to build a foundation fabric first then build upwards towards an end-to-end stack, with modularity as a core functionality. This level of software abstraction allows for the fabric to deliver application networking requirements in the form of consumable services (*aaS) by fronting everything with an API and enhancing the experience layer through a ChatOps methodology within any type or level of service management.

Purpose Statement

Building a full integration stack to modernize culture into a more ChatOps methodology and approach to everyday work life through API consumption & delivery. This top down end-to-end visibility into the underlying infrastructure streamlines Infrastructure/Operational agility and effectiveness that delivers greater capabilities and higher efficiency levels within Infrastructure, Platform, and Software as a service consumption models.

Meet The Team

Paul Koros


Paul is a technological enthusiast who has had the privilege to embrace a wide variety of technologies and apply them to the business logic of the clients he serves. Paul has worked in SMB, Commercial, and Enterprise accounts in a Pre Sales and Post Implementation role. With over 15 years of consulting experience, he has managed to execute large projects in the area of Data Center, Enterprise Network, Security, Storage, and Cloud with integrated architecture adhering to industry best practices. He has earned the reputation of one that is relentless and always doing what is right for the client above all else. He has exclusively been engaged in Next Generation Data Center and hybrid/multi-cloud projects.