It is our vision at Core NX-OS that DevSecOps maturity and adoption has enabled organizations to be up to five times more likely to be high-performing than those that have not.  By increasing agility and reliability, we cater to our ITIL and ITSM Framework customers who are expected to respond more quickly to urgent business needs while simultaneously providing stable, secure and predictable IT services.  As trusted advisors our consultants have the experience to facilitate communication, breaking down the silo barriers through open channels of communication and cohesive sharing of resources during collaboration.  Through our converged skill sets across varying domains of technological disciplines we can create efficiency of process and execution between operations and development teams.

DevOps skill sets we cater to include Coding/Scripting skills to execute and automate manual tasks, integrate centralized management through northbound and southbound APIs, people skills as communication and collaboration are key fundamentals to the DevSecOps cycle, and process Re-engineering skills to better allow for a broader holistic view of systems, rather than one-off solutions. This enables us to identify pain points to better improve or implement processes deploying from dev to production environments transparently.