ACI Anywhere

The Hybrid/Multi-Cloud adoption strategies and data driven analytics enabled by big data, are creating a paradigm shift requiring networks to respond to the demands of applications, putting intelligence in network programmability to manage, monitor and automate API driven connectivity and their corresponding services.  As trusted advisors, our goal is to help organizations simplify distributed architecture through centralized management in a single pane of glass embracing open APIs and open standards towards a common framework.  In addition, assisting clients with a customized migration path based on their existing business logic and laying the foundation towards network-centric to an end state application centric mode, end-to-end API enabled ACI fabric services architecture. As part of every organization’s digitization process and transformation journey, adopting API integration capabilities to dynamically provision resources defined by the business intent and leveraging ACI’s translation layer functionality into low level device configuration parameters, paves the way for architectural flexibility to deploy and extend applications, services, and policy enforcement with ACI Anywhere:  any cloud, any application, on any platform, anywhere.